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The connection between the evolution of the universe and human thought

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A singular force, attraction-to-equilibrium, underlies the laws of nature, and evokes the process of human thought. Its ultimate expression is perfectly symmetrical static uniformity, a state termed here as “nothingness”.

This is seen in the silence from which music emerges and to which it returns. It is the connecting point for everything. The arc of birth and death, the cycles of a sound wave, and the return of water to the ocean all tell the story of excursion to and from equilibrium. These are the echo of the emergence of material existence fourteen billion years ago, and the roadmap to its ultimate destination.

On a cosmic scale, as the universe redistributes itself evenly through the inexorable pull of entropy, it approaches expanded nothingness. On a macroscopic scale, as matter aggregates into larger and larger bodies until they collapse in upon themselves, the nothingness of compressed uniformity is approached. This tension between infinite cycles of compressed and expanded uniformity endows the universe with its particular form. Nothingness Theory is the exploration of how this is manifest in scientific, philosophical, and theological principals.

The science of Nothingness Theory reveals how physical laws are connected by explaining the role of attraction-to-equilibrium in every physical system. This is the main content in the general theory.

The Philosophy of Nothingness Theory explains the role of attraction-to-equilibrium in human brain/mind systems. This content is currently found in various places in the document such as essays in Applied Nothingness Theory, and the unfinished conclusion to the general theory entitled "Thought and Consciousness".

The Theology of Nothingness Theory explores the essence of what humanness is, which is the awareness that transcends physical mechanisms - the awareness of oneness  - where all things are joined. One might think of this as spiritual equilibrium. The heart of this - the universal pure core of self-awareness shared by all humans - could be thought of as awareness of God.

The theology is to be found in commentary by Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski - A retired Catholic priest currently serving at St. Columba Church in New York City. His media ministry includes a website: a YouTube channel: and an eBook entitled "Versus Verses: Love vs. Romance, Wisdom vs. Knowledge, and Other Provocative Proems".

It is comforting to recognize an elegant and intelligible form underlying the behavior of our natural world. Nothingness Theory is the expression and detailed exploration of this beautiful form, manifest in the dynamics of existence.

Table of Contents

I.   General Nothingness Theory

II.  Applied Nothingness Theory

III. Commentary by Msgr. Walter Niebrzydowski

IV. Personal Essays

V.  Poems and "Proems"

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I deeply thank all of you who have taken the time to read and comment on Nothingness Theory since Its publication in 2003.

- Corey D. Kaup

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